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Reading Unicode CSV Files in Python

The python csv module doesn’t support unicode. That’s a who-cares most days of most years, but if you suddenly have a need to import some csv data that contains letters with little squiggles over them, you’re pretty bummed out.
I’ve had to write csv reading and writing code from scratch before, in Java. CSV may be [...]

I shot a video.

Helen Earth Band – (We All) Talk With Knives from One Bad Landing on Vimeo.
Trying to revive the blog. I’ve been struggling to keep a hand in creative projects since leaving Sayvinyl. Working with the Helen guys has been awesome. They came to me with the video concept of running split screens and bouncing to [...]

Helen Earth Band

Belly-Up 11/21.


I’m still alive, and occasionally still doing things.
Mallory. From last night’s drop-in to share some watermelon beer. Much better than it sounds.


Do you play beer-pong like this?

Rediscovering film thanks to the gift of an old Nikon FM from our good friend Bil.

Marc’s cup’s been hit. Whoever hit it, gets to leave Marc a ping-pong shaped welt.

Chris in one of our t-shirts. There’s still a few left. Incidentally, the Mrs. and I are photographing Chris’ wedding this evening. Can’t wait.

This is how you ought to start your day.

Just got up, made coffee, and fell into this slideshow of Glen E. Friedman’s new book. You ought to do the same. It’s a really nice way to start your day.
Then you should order me a copy of the book. My birthday’s in August.

RECOGNIZE photographs by GLEN E. FRIEDMAN (based on images from the [...]

Twitter on your desktop in three lines of Python.

It’s nice when things come together. I’ve been sick with envy watching the Lifehacker ‘featured desktop’ posts. All these awesome looking linux desktops, they’re like Audis… sexy as all get-out, but have fun getting them serviced.
Then a couple days ago a Mac OS desktop made the cut, alerting me to GeekTool’s revival. Apparently, GeekTool fell [...]